The plan was to become an actress...

That plan lasted through voice lessons, high school plays, competitions, and clear into a minor in theater. Then, my life took a left turn into technology, and for years I exercised my artistic passion where I could. I used my voice and imagination in board meetings and conferences, through teaching and creating my own eLearning course - anywhere I could connect & convince. In the midst of creating that e-learning course, I discovered voice over, and reconnected with my acting roots.

Now I connect directly with audiences using just my voice!

Turns out, that foundation in technology and business is what truly sets my voice apart. Working directly with companies on social & emotional intelligence solutions has given me a deep understanding of how to convey a message without needing face-to-face contact. My voice matches the style of each script, and is easily directed into just the right read for each client. Corporate structure and professionalism form the basis for my commitment to fast turnarounds and high-quality audio delivery, while an unbridled enthusiasm for creativity & performance ensures voice over that’s never boring or blasé.

And I love it all - from eLearning technical voice over to medical narration, with specs and terminology, to documentary and audiobooks, where forming intimate audience connection is key; my voice brings a down-to-earth, relatable tone that truly engages listeners. I’m an experienced narrator, specializing in children’s and young adult reads, and enjoy enlivening animated character voices with quirky humor. For commercial spots and online ads, I’m ready with that wry, dry delivery we’re all into right now, and can add a touch of conversational snark when needed.


  • Commercials & Online Ads

  • Technology Narration

  • Medical Narration

  • Audiobooks

  • eLearning

  • Animation & Characters

...and so much more!